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X] APPLICATION [X] Questions should be bold and answers normal. Please do not use any codes for the app.

..the basics..
[what is your name]
Maggie Wenz [aka thewenzinator]
[age] 14
[location] East Brunswick, NJ
[sex] Female
[sexuality] heterosexual (straight, bizatch)

..personality, yo..
[do you have any quirks?]
Im really random...and i tend to say "you're done" alot :D
[what are your turn-ons] guys in black and white makeup :D and people who hug really really well..cuz i like hugs :D
[what are your turn-offs] assholes...and people who spend more time in the shower or in front of the mirror than me
[describe yourself in 5 words] i dont give a shit (5 words) heh

[7 bands]
KISS, MSI, the Misfits, Thrice, BoySetsFire, Matchbook Romance, Senses Fail
[6 movies] Detroit Rock City, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Office Space, American Pie , American Pie 2,
[4 books] Psht, books? who reads? uhh Kiss and Makeup - Gene Simmons :D KISS: the Early years - Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
[singer] Paul Stanley
[tv show] haha Queer Eye
[song] too many..uhh.. black diamond, cold gin, shock me, and shout it out loud
[food] fries with vinegar, man

..opinions.. feel free to rant ++details give us more reason to vote for you++
[love at first sight]
Love at first sight many people think that its just gonna "happen"...but it really doesnt...i dont even know if it really sure it does, but in extremely rare cases.
[george w. bush] BUSH? okay, this man really needs to stepdown or someone needs to find some reason to impeach him, seriously. I can't stand the fact that he can't pronounce "nuclear" and i cant stand his feeble attempts at speaking spanish...i mean, its not even spanglish that he's speaking...thats how bad it is.
[lollipops] Lollipops are fun to share with people :D
[teen sex] No offense to anyone, but teen sex is kind of a problem...but only if you're not using protection and you're not communicating, i mean, you NEED to know if your partner has HIV or an STD, and you always want to use protection. ALWAYS.
[therapy] Therapy...doesnt help. it doesnt. so stop wasting billions of dollars on a problem that's not your fault..its someone elses. that's how it ALWAYS ENDS UP. put THERAPISTS out of jobs.
[cutting] i dont know how someone can inflict harm upon oneself...well, i kind of do, but i couldn't actually kill myself. I mean, i only thought about doing it like once or twice....but i've always been very careful around sharp objects. But, if there was like...a major disaster like the twin towers (god forbid) and there was glass everywhere...i would just pick up a REALLY BIG PIECE and like...slit my throat with it...just to show everyone how fucked up america is.
[the scene] the scene? uh...they're done. they're out. whatever

[promote this community to two others, and leave links, mod and co-mod will check]
[why should we accept you?]
  because you know you would anyway...even if i didnt fill this goddamn thing out.
[to sway people: make us laugh] marshmallow and a wet sock.

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