Karisa<3 (eyesclosetightx) wrote in lollipop_core,

Karisa Kimberly Horsch


..The Basics..
[what is your name]
[age] 14 i'm still a fucking baby.
[location] East Brunswick-Pot head town.
[sex] Female
[sexuality] Heterosexual

..Personality, yo..
[do you have any quirks?] I'm pretty outgoing and open and i'm very trustworthy
[what are your turn-ons]  Good Hair is usually the first thign I look at, good personality, Knows what they are doing and talking about, Beautiful INSIDE and OUT, being outgoing and just being yourself!

[what are your turn-offs] Fake People, Really cocky people, Being Rude, Smelling like a jock's gym locker, Really Really REALLY Hairy people that look like apes, a person that likes musturd and really the worst and the one that tops everything BAD BREATH!

[describe yourself in 5 words] Spontaneous, Insecure, Outgoing, Emotional, Sensitive


[7 bands] oh god, I hate picking favorites but here you go. Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Early November, Madison, Bright Eyes, Saves The Day, and Finch

[6 movies] The Breakfast Club, Fight Club, Half Baked, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Thirteen

[books] The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Summer Boys, Cut, and Island of Dangerous Dreams

[singer] Ace Enders<33 Jesse Lacey and Kurt Cobain

[tv show] I Love the 90's/80's, The Days, The O.C., Summerland, Real World, and Big Brother [song] I can't have a favorite song, but right now my favorite is Madison "Gang Fights with Irish Accents"

[food] Pizza, and Fijitas


..opinions.. feel free to rant ++details give us more reason to vote for you++

[love at first sight] I believe in a crush at first sight.. YES!. But love is kind of hard to believe at sight. I take love as a strong word and i take it very seriously. not just to throw away, you know?

[george w. bush] I'm sorry. But I'm for Kerry on this. I don't like Bush. He got us into a pointless war. He wants to draft women to the war now, He hates gays and any other type of marriages besides Opposite sex types, and ever he is making our economy go lower. I'm in it for Kerry. He has more pro's then con's.

[lollipops] They are amazing! I like those big swirly ones like they have on the picture to promote this. Ethier ones like those or ones that are long and point and swirly. The colors are so pretty!

[teen sex] I don't mind people having sex. Just be careful who you have it with, and watch out for yourself. Why? because people now-a-days are fucking walking STD's even if you feel safe. They should still wear a condom. Besides i'm sure you don't want to get pregnant at such a young age.

[therapy] I think it's kind of just a reason for people to make money. I'm in it. and I think sometimes it's a loud of bullshit. I think my therapist backstabs me and tells my mom some things. But it has helped alot with somethings that are needed to get out. So therefore, i'm def. not against this at all.

[cutting] I think if you have good reasons, then it's reasonable. I don't mind people doing it. But if it was for the reason to kill themselfs or try to. Then it's kind of wierd. Why? because their are so many ways to kill yourself, if you really wanted to try sure you could... but if you fail, you must be doing something wrong. I used to be a cutter and I learned from experience. I don't know if i really want to go into detail on that.

[the scene] the scene. I just don't really like talking about any scene's because I don't like labeling that much. Eventhough society is kind of built on it!


[promote this community to two others, and leave links, mod and co-mod will check] I surely will!

[why should we accept you?] Because i'm the sex! hah. not really. But because I can bring fun into this! and I <3 meeting new people

[to sway people: make us laugh] One time.. I was walking and it was raining out and I ran to my friend AND slipped and fell on my face HAHAHAHAHHA! no.


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